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Allow me to help take the pressure and stress out of choosing a photographer. Whatever projects, events and/or photo ideas you may have, I will help you streamline to get you the results you need. 

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"I loved Martin's point of view and aesthetic, great shots. Will definitely hire him again."
Lisa Escobar
Interior Designer
"I couldn't be happier with the results! He understood and followed all of my instructions, producing valuable content that can be used in multiple social media email campaigns and website marketing."
Peter Wu
Medical Director
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Mark Fancourt
Enterprise Travel Technologist

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Welcome to my online sanctuary of Fine-Art Documentary Photography. My purpose is to create story-telling visual art that stimulates thoughts and emotions by capturing truth in the frames. In my 40 years and combined life experience as a combat U.S. Naval photographer and contract photojournalist, I’ve learned that choosing gratitude and valuing meaning has helped shape my understanding of people, cultures and the pulse of society. These direct experiences have impacted my perspective positively in that it both challenges and illuminates my voice and vision as a photographer.

Martin S. Fuentes Portrait


The word passion gets thrown around and with great reason. The belief and growth in something that compels, stimulates, and arouses one’s activities is a powerful thing. That is the truth in everything I do from domestic responsibilities to giving clients my utmost effort, attention and energy. Just like a delicious stew or gumbo made with love. I approach my photo shoots with the exact same mindset. Thoughtful, well executed, creative always with love and care. I love helping people. With this in mind, I am grateful and blessed everyday for the opportunities I create to help bring ideas come to fruition. I make it a point to have fun on every shoot. To live and create through heart, meaning, and intention. That’s where I find joy in my craft. And that’s how I exude confidence and quality in my photography.

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Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
Nevada Womens Philanthropy
The Huffington Post
Zuma Press

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In a world of fast food photography, I aim to be the delicious mom and pop restaurant that has long lines and sell’s out before closing.