I believe in over value and providing the best possible experience to my clients and the people I photograph. I have laid out a fixed hourly rate for all my still photography services which will encompass the cost of my time, skill, experience and story-telling acumen. As well as expenses, mileage, insurance, equipment, gear, and post-production.


I like to be mindful and give back to the community as much as possible. I believe growth trickles up. Best way I know how I can help move growth and creativity forward is to accommodate non-profits and start-ups with a lower fixed cost. When the creativity of small businesses and non-profits grow, the economy grows. Which leads to a healthier more abundant mindset that best stimulates our society.


Photography Documentation Hourly Rate
Included all high-resolution edited images excluding touch ups
$200 per hour
Non-Profit/Start-Up Photography Documentation Rate
$150 1 hour
$300 2-4 hours
$600 4-8 hours
Special Requests accepted for consultation.


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